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This beautiful young Ecuadorian woman was selling clothing at a market near Casa de la Mujer in Cuenca. She was dressed in modern clothes with traditional beads around her neck. I like the way this photo captures the modern mixed with the traditional.


This is a guest post by Andre Rahmer (an expat living in Quito) of AndesBaseCamp. Living in Ecuador has many benefits. The one I enjoy the most is that this country has everything I can ask for when it comes to satisfying my addiction of traveling, exploring and adventure. Surfing along the broad beaches, biking / hiking ... [Read more]


As I was preparing the timelapse of the sunrise on Isabela Island, I noticed that one of the frames had something special. There was a sea lion in the photo. But not just a plain old sea lion. He was doing a backflip out of the water and the camera caught him in mid-air. What ... [Read more]


I love getting up early. There is nothing like the cool, fresh air of the early morning. While visiting Isabela Island, I got up around 4:30am to get ready to shoot this timelapse. I got to the dock just before 5:30am and set up. This timelapse takes in a full hour of the Galapagos sunrise. ... [Read more]


Coffee in Ecuador is an interesting paradox. It's produced here, but it is rather expensive and it can be hard to find a good cup. We have tried just about every brand / type available. We've tried supermarkets, the open markets and homemade (home roasted). We've found most to have a strong burnt taste and ... [Read more]


One of the things I love most about travel photography is capturing textures. I find the adobe houses in Ecuador captivating because of their textures and earth tones. While I had read about homes made out of adobe bricks while we were researching Ecuador, I didn't really think about what they would be like. Adobe bricks are ... [Read more]


The way the clouds settle in the Andes mountains often makes me feel like we are living in a dream. We got this shot early one morning while driving through the beautiful Yunguilla Valley. In this picture you can't really see into the valley because it's full of white fluffy clouds.


I love to swim! I especially love swimming in places where I know there is nothing too big that's going to come out and try to get a piece of me. ;) Las Grietas is just such a place, but it's much more than that! Growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada I loved going camping in ... [Read more]


How's your Spanish? No doubt you have heard about the Pimsleur Spanish course. The Pimsleur Method (developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur) is popular among travelers, expats and business people - and is my favorite way to learn Spanish. When we first moved to Ecuador I was really struggling with learning the language. Some friends told ... [Read more]


The beach on Isabela Island is one of our favorites in the Galapagos. It is long, wide - and it has amazing sunsets. It was on this beach that Dena taught Drew how to snorkel. And where we rested each evening after exploring the island (hiking volcanoes and snorkeling through underwater stone tunnels).  The Galapagos are a ... [Read more]

About Bryan & Dena Haines

We are a Canadian family of 3 living in Ecuador since 2009. If this is your first visit, start here. We blog about life and travel in Ecuador. Interested to work with us? Read more about Bryan & Dena

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