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Ecuador is a popular relocation country. Although the city of Cuenca tops the list, expats are moving to towns and cities across Ecuador. In this series, learn all about the factors and angles involved in a successful move or retirement to Ecuador.

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Ecuador loves cell phones. On average, every Ecuadorian has a cell phone. (According to the World Factbook by the CIA, Ecuador has 100 cell phones per 100 citizens.) But only 15% of Ecuadorians have a land line (in Spanish: telefonía fija or teléfono convencional). There are three mobile networks in Ecuador and they all (generally) work well. ... [Read more]


Coffee in Ecuador is an interesting paradox. It's produced here, but it is rather expensive and it can be hard to find a good cup. We have tried just about every brand / type available. We've tried supermarkets, the open markets and homemade (home roasted). We've found most to have a strong burnt taste and ... [Read more]


Are you concerned about real estate in Ecuador? You have probably heard that the prices are going up. An article earlier this week in one of Cuenca's papers agreed with that. But it isn't as bad as it sounds. While some blogs have said that prices are going up by $100's of dollars, this just isn't ... [Read more]

calle larga bridge, cuenca ecuador

What's it like to live in Cuenca Ecuador? That question could have many answers. The response could differ greatly depending on who you ask, where they are from and what mood they are in at the time. We all carry certain perceptions and habits that could influence the outcome of experiences we have in Cuenca, ... [Read more]


Our year end review has become somewhat of a tradition. This is now our fourth year publishing our annual top ten posts. Check out previous years top Ecuador travel and expat posts : 2012, 2011, and 2010. Instead of just listing our top posts published this year, we are including our top ten posts as ... [Read more]


This is part of our Expat Profile Series. Do you have a story? Share your Story here.  The Expat: Susan Schenck Name: Susan Schenck I’ve lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for 3.5 years now. I have lived mostly in the USA, but also in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and a little bit in Malaysia. I wanted to retire and get out of ... [Read more]


As you are planning your move to Cuenca, you'll start to notice that real estate is listed by parroquia. A parroquia is a subdivision of a canton, commonly translated as "parish" in English. Learn more: What is a Cantón & Parroquia in Ecuador? Cuenca is dived into a total of 36 parroquias: 15 urban and ... [Read more]


Moving abroad is unlike anything you've done before. Moving is consistently ranked among life's most stressful situations. When you add in the sale of a home, possessions, leaving behind family and friends, along with new challenges like language and culture - you have an interesting mix. It isn't uncommon to have reservations about moving and ... [Read more]


So, what is a canton and a parroquia in Ecuador? If you have been reading online about Ecuador, you have seen that the areas and cities are divided into cantóns and parroquias. Generally speaking, the political division of where you are looking to live (or visit) doesn't really matter. Determining which parroquia or canton you are going ... [Read more]


Club Correos is a mail forwarding program offered by the Ecuadorian Post Office and we've come to depend on it for many products. It is very popular among expats and Ecuadorians because it is easy to get products from the US. There are items that either aren't available in Ecuador or are just too expensive ... [Read more]

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We are a Canadian family of 3 living in Ecuador since 2009. If this is your first visit, start here. We blog about life and travel in Ecuador. Interested to work with us? Read more about Bryan & Dena

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