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Roasted pork in Cuenca Ecuador

One of the things tourists and expats enjoy seeing in Cuenca Ecuador is the street food. There are a number of different things sold as street food in Cuenca, like salchipapas (french fries with a sausage/wiener on top,) bags of fruit or coconut slices, and the pastel colored meringue with sprinkles on top. But when ... [Read more]

Corviche traditional food in Ecuador

Corviche is definitely one of my favorite traditional foods here in Ecuador. It's right up there with encebollado. Corviche is made with mashed up green plantain and fish. That combination may not sound all that appetizing but when it's made right, it's amazazing! ;) I've eaten corviche at a few different restaurants but the best ... [Read more]


A little while ago, I discovered a very interesting fruit called guaba. It is very common at markets and can be seen on trees in the outskirts of Cuenca. Because of it's slight vanilla flavor, guaba is also known as the: ice cream bean. It is green on the outside and shaped like a bean ... [Read more]

Encebollado with plaintain chips and popcorn

While living abroad one of the most common questions we are asked by locals and people thinking of moving to Ecuador is "do you like the food?" and "what's your favorite dish?" Bryan, Drew and I really like the food here in Ecuador. I especially like that it's not "hot" (as in spicy hot) and ... [Read more]


A few months ago I discovered a new dessert in Cuenca: Higos con queso. Despite having lived here for four years, I tried this sweet dessert for the first time just a few months ago. Since then, I've had it many times. The recipe is pretty simple. Preserved figs (higos) in a sugar sauce Locally ... [Read more]

It always smells amazing!

Panesa is a nice bakery (with cafe) here in Cuenca. We like to stop by for a coffee break or a quick meal. We recently went there for breakfast and it cost under $16 for the three of us. That included a bag of fresh buns and a few cookies for the road. The servings were not ... [Read more]


One of the yummy treats we like to pick up when we are on the go is called yuca bread. We hadn't heard of yuca bread until we moved to Cuenca and we were hooked from the first time we tried it. We usually stop into our favorite yogurt/yuca bread shop and get a dozen of the soft (and warm) little ... [Read more]


While we were researching Ecuador as a potential place to relocate, one of the customs that surprised us was that they ate Guinea pigs! In Canada we had only ever seen Guinea pigs , being sold in pet stores, so we had never thought about eating them. As we became serious about moving to Ecuador, more ... [Read more]


One of the things we miss from Canada, while living in Ecuador is Nova Scotia Fish and Chips.  The fish is usually haddock, fresh, sweet white meat.  And they serve it deep fried in a light crispy batter that's soooo good! Depending on where you eat it, sometimes the batter has beer or other secret ... [Read more]


Cows Ice Cream is one of our favorite treats while visiting back home in Canada.  It's said to be among the best ice cream in the world.  It is definitely among the best I've ever tasted! Readers Digest Magazine voted it the best ice cream in Canada! The branding that Cows has established is rather ... [Read more]

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We are a Canadian family of 3 living in Ecuador since 2009. If this is your first visit, start here. We blog about life and travel in Ecuador. Interested to work with us? Read more about Bryan & Dena

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